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One Piece is packed with unanswered questions and mysteries, not to mention a host of mysterious characters. Fans have been speculating about various aspects of the One Piece storyline for ages, leading to some pretty interesting and downright crazy possibilities. Stay close to discover some of the best One Piece theories that will blow your mind - many of which are way more plausible than you might expect!


  1. The Gorosei survived the Void Century

A shocking possibility, albeit with little evidence, is that the Gorosei elders lived during the Century of the Void. This theory would suggest that they are essentially immortal, possibly due to Jewelry Bonney's power.


Some fans believe that if they did, they would be responsible for the downfall of the ancient kingdom. However, considering how complex One Piece politics is, it's also possible that they played a very different role.


  1. Usop's lies come true (descendant of the Noland theory)

Fans who've analyzed the entire story of One Piece have noticed that while Usopp tends to lie a lot (the long nose is a nice touch), his lies often come true later down the line. The most notable examples of this are the following:

Usopp said pirates were attacking the village, and pirates had attacked the village when he was introduced. Usopp said he knew giants, after which he met giants. Usopp said he found an island but found that it was actually giant goldfish poop, and the giant goldfish was later revealed. Usopp said he had an army of a thousand pirates under his command, and a swarm of pirates believed he was once a god. Aside from Luffy being convinced that Noland and Usopp were the same person, it has been revealed that most Noland descendants are unaware that they are related. But they all feel an irresistible call to the sea, and that call was confirmed by Usopp - it's entirely possible that he's a descendant of Noland, especially as his lies have a habit of being true.


  1. Cerberus-Blackbeard theory

One ongoing theory concerns how Blackbeard 3 ate devil fruit. A popular theory regarding this complex is that before Blackbeard acquired the Dark Dark Fruit and the Quake Quake Fruit, he may have eaten a mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that transformed him into a Cerberus.

Cerberus beings have 3 heads according to mythology, meaning that Blackbeard could eat another 2 devil fruits without suffering the same fate as others who ate more than one. However, some fans believe this is linked to another theory - where Blackbeard has a condition known as "fetus within fetus" and has two siblings inside him as a result.

The theory is supported by images of triads associated with Blackbeard, such as the pirates' Blackbeard Jolly Roger with three skulls positioned together. Another example is the three diagonal scars inflicted across Shanks' left eye by Blackbeard.


4. Dracule Mihawk theory

A commonly discussed theory suggests that Dracule Mihawk may have once had the letter "D" in his name, hinting at a significant role in world history. This idea is rooted in the fact that characters with the letter "D" in their names often play a crucial role in the storyline.

There's also speculation about a possible connection between Mihawk and Roronoa Zoro, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Some fans believe that Mihawk deliberately took Zoro under his wing to prepare him for a special mission or challenge, which could explain their rivalry.

Another theory suggests that Mihawk possesses a unique swordsmanship style known as the "Weapon of the Gods," indicating that his sword-fighting abilities go far beyond what typical swordsmen can achieve.

Lastly, there are speculations about whether Mihawk has a secret affiliation with the World Government or the most powerful entities in the "One Piece" world, which might explain his ability to live peacefully on the remote island of Kuraigana.


5, All Blue theory

A frequently discussed element revolves around the existence of a special map or navigation tool that points the way to the All Blue. This tool could hold great significance when the Straw Hat Pirates or other adventurers attempt to find the All Blue.

There's speculation that the Revolutionaries, a secret group within the world of "One Piece," might possess information about the All Blue and be working towards its discovery. This could be connected to Sanji's interest in uncovering the All Blue.

Another scenario under discussion is that the quest for the All Blue could become the ultimate challenge for the Straw Hat Pirates. They might need to overcome a series of trials and adventures to reach this enigmatic location.

The discovery of the All Blue could also herald a new era of piracy in the world of "One Piece" as it would fundamentally alter the way the seas are traversed and fished.


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